Rights Theme - Research

The research theme of human rights aims to investigate how some students and groups of students are denied their rights to, and within education, why this occurs and what can be done to overcome the inequity that these students experience. The research aims to better understand the notion of educational inequity from a rights perspective and to improve educational outcomes for marginalised and excluded learners.

Current Research

Past Research

What made school so good?

Jude MacArthur, Anne-Marie McIlroy, Tegan Howard

Located theoretically in childhood studies and disability studies this case study explored one students’ successful experience in a New Zealand secondary school and her positive transition into a busy working adult life.

What works for Children and Young Persons (0-21) with ASD: Families Perceptions of the Usefulness and Effectiveness of Programmes and Interventions

Dr Vijaya Dharan

The overarching objective of the project was to gain parents'/caregivers, perceptions of the usefulness and effectiveness of programmes and interventions at individual, school and family contexts for their children and young persons aged 0-21 with ASD. The project had three distinct phases.